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Calibre 400, an entirely new movement that Oris has independently designed, Swiss Replica Watches sets the standard for automatic mechanical movements. It comes with a 5-day power reserve (120hrs), magnetism resistance, and 10-year recommended service intervals.

Five-day power reserve. When Oris conceptualized Calibre 400, they recognized that we might not wear the exact same watch every day. A standard mechanical watch will stop if it is left down for more than a day. Calibre 400's five-day power reserve means that it will still run if your watch isn't worn between Thursday and Tuesday. Twin barrels provide this longer time of use. Each of them houses an extended mainspring that can store approximately two-and-a half days of power.

10-year warranty and recommended servicing intervalsOris is so confident about the performance of best Replica Watches Calibre 400's advanced technologies that it offers a 10-year warranty for all Oris watches. Register them at MyOris to get the 10-year warranty. Oris also offers 10-year recommended service intervals for Calibre 400 watches. You don't have to bring your Calibre 400 watch in for service until 2030, unless there is any accidental damage or water resistance checks. This is the new standard.

Calibre 400 had a more stable rotor system. This was one of Oris's main goals. Oris engineers discovered that the ball bearing system, which allows the free-spinning oscillating weight (or the rotor) rotates, is one of the most common problems with automatic mechanical movements. This is an essential component of an automatic watch. As the rotor spins it generates power which is stored in the mainspring. Oris decided to replace the ball bearing with a low friction slide bearing system. This is where a metal stud runs through an oil-lubricated sleeve. This system is simpler, more efficient, and less susceptible to breakdowns.

Magnetic fields are extremely resistant. Most Swiss watch movements will become magnetized if they are exposed to strong magnetic forces that we encounter every day. They can become inaccurate and eventually stop working altogether. Calibre 400 was engineered by Oris using over 30 non-ferrous, anti-magnetic components including a silicon escape wheel, and a silicone anchor.

The renowned cheap Replica Watches tested Calibre 400 and found that it deviated less than 10 seconds per day after being exposed to 2,250 Gauss. To give context, the ISO 764 standard on anti-magnetic watches states that a watch must be within 30 seconds of exposure to 200 gauss to be considered anti-magnetic. Calibre 400 was able to record a third of the deviation after being exposed to 11 times more force than allowed. This makes it an anti-magnetic movement.


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